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We're on a decades long journey to implementing real solutions for a greener, healthier, and more inclusive planet.

The world within reflects the world without. And we believe the state of our big, beautiful, blue planet is a mirror into the state of our people and communities. It is why we invest in and build social impact startups focused on responding to climate change, providing mental wellness support, deescalating partisanship in politics, and improving financial inclusion.

While we believe big things begin as small, great ideas - we are not here to play small. We seek partners excited to roll up their sleeves and build with co-founders that value discipline, play, creativity, and respect. 

For-good companies require for-good leaders.

It takes a village to

Unlock pathways to a better planet for all.

We are looking for great operators who want to build mission-driven companies where profit serves purpose.

Are you looking for a cofounding team to help take your concept to its next phase? Do you have an idea but need a team to help build it? We are looking for exceptional operators who want to partner with us to build mission-driven companies where profit serves purpose, and are:

  • Impact driven and values-aligned
  • Experienced at building companies or products
  • Great leaders with experience managing people and projects 
  • Looking to grow, co-create, and collaborate 
  • On their own inner healing journey 
  • Able to provide references from past collaborators 

Does this sound like you? Apply now to be considered.

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our ideas

Help us build a world where companies nurture the needs of humanity and the planet.

Moving Assets to Impact Investments

People want their money to do good, especially the next generation of wealth holders.

Using data + behavioral science to help large asset owners move more of their assets into impactful investments. Use micro-actions to help people get emotionally comfortable with their money and feel confident they're moving it to a credible new investment.

Job Board for the Overlooked

People with disabilities, high school educations, and prison records are incredibly talented yet face enormous barriers in the job market.

We want to build a database matching people traditionally overlooked with companies searching for their talents and  processes in place to hire them.

Post-Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic and plant-medicine use often leads to life-changing realizations. However people struggle with how to make sense of their experiences and how to take the next step.

We want to build a platform that guides people through the challenging phase that occurs after a peak experience and helps them ‘integrate’ their newfound insights into their daily life.

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