About us

A small-great-impact-venture-building studio based in Washington, D.C.

Progress requires patience, time, and dedication (just like the journey of our turtle).

And, our planet is in danger. Communities are more divided than ever. The wealth gap continues to expand.

As a venture studio, we dedicate our time and resources to building social impact startups focused on responding to climate change, providing mental wellness support, de-escalating partisanship in politics, and improving financial inclusion.

Our small great mission

Change the system, heal the symptom

Our Vision

We are building toward a world where companies nurture the needs of humanity and the planet.  At Small Great Ventures, we are creating a new paradigm of business where impact is woven into the operational DNA in a profit-serves-purpose business model.

Our Mission

The real existential threat to humanity isn't climate itself; it's the inherited systems pushing humanity toward catastrophe. Our billions-of-years-old planet will be fine with or without us.

We are on a quest to uncover non-obvious solutions vital to unlocking the systemic changes needed for humanity to thrive on our planet. (NBD!)

We join forces with impact founders building companies:

  • Unlocking our polarized politics
  • Addressing the mental health crisis
  • Providing pathways to financial inclusion and stability, and
  • Helping the planet heal through emissions reduction.

Our Leadership Team

Julie Sandler

CEO + Cofounder

Jake Sandler

COO + Cofounder

John Weber

Chief Product Officer

Aaron Lyles

Founder-In-Residence, CommonAlly CEO


Paisley Wildman

Senior Content Strategist

Emily Carlson

Senior Marketing Strategist


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